Welcome, you are guest in the web-studio of the artist Emanuela Mazzone.

Emanuela, born in 1970, passionate art from an early age, makes his first experience of artwork during the school (scientific maturity '89). In those years, during holidays and in special occasions, participated in the decoration of floats and produces sets, paintings of great size and decorating pottery. The experiences along the way schools and the general consensus received from many quarters, strengthen and stimulate the desire to deepen and refine the techniques and to explore new forms of artistic expression.

In 1993, Emanuela completes an important step in his artistic training through graduation, with honors, at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bari. The next period was of great turmoil for Emanuel: the artist as well as engage in work, participating in awards and competitions, national and international, continues to scholars attending courses, including securities acquired remember "Techniques for the Enhancement of the artistic, cultural environmental and archaeological heritage of Puglia" ('98), "Specialization in Restoration of paintings on canvas and murals, Restoration of Ceramics and Architecture "('04-'05).

With experience gained over time, today is an established and Emanuela educated painter and creates magnificent trompe l'oeil. The houses in which he created his works are now real gems. The artist as well as action restored in the homes of past centuries, ancient wall paintings and capable of sailing and barrel ceilings and walls of any person is being sought.

Emanuela still feels the need to get involved, to try new things and to manifest itself through new artistic forms.

She continued her studies and graduated Interior designer / interior decorator ('08), studied photography and electronic design, specifically AutoCAD 2D/3D digital painting.

Exploring, browsing the site Emanuela Mazzone, aka Emmela, you will see a gallery of works and experiences that feeling of sharing with those who love and helps it along the artistic path.